Don’t Let These 3 “Diet” Foods Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts

Are You Sure It's "Diet" Food?

Are you putting everything into your diet program, but you’re just not seeing any results?

You’re not alone. For many dieters, they work hard, are faithful to their chosen diet, but fail to see the any results for their effort. Hopes were high, but the scale just isn’t going downward.

So, What’s the Problem?

All too often, the problem is not with motivation, or a lack of effort, but that the dieter is incorporating foods they believe are good choices, but are not really effective when the goal is to loose weight. The diet industry is big business, and while their products may be healthier choices, they are wholey ineffective in helping you achieve your weight loss goals! You need to actually eliminate these products from your diet if you are serious about achieving your goals.

So, what are these problematic “diet”foods? Here are three food choices you really need to eliminate from your diet right now!

Fruit Flavored Yogurt

Many dieters make fruit flavored yogurts a top choice in their weight loss efforts, and real yogurt is a healthy diet choice. While individual yogurt packs are a favorite among dieters, they are, in reality, “sugar bombs” that will sabotage your weight loss efforts. They are NOT diet food and should be avoided as a junk food if you are serious about losing weight.

You’ll want to check the sugar content next time you’re tempted to pick up your favorite yogurt. You will be surprised to find out there are 15 grams or more per serving! Losing weight isn’t about calories alone. Sugar is processed differently by the body than vegetables, lean meats, or even fresh fruits. So read the labels carefully!

And, while you can find “sugar free” varieties, they really aren’t a good option. It is best to avoid artificially sweetened products like this.

Instead, choose plain Greek yogurt and flavor it yourself by adding your own fresh berries. This way, you will avoid artificial and processed sugars. It does make a difference.

Processed Fat-Free Foods

Believe it or not, you’ll want to avoid any product marketed as ‘fat free’. While these products may be correctly labeled ‘fat free,’ That label often comes at a cost.

But you need to consider, if this product is normally a product containing fat, and it has been artificially removed, they probably put something else in to enhance the flavor. What did they add? Usually, it is one of two things — an artificially created fat free/calorie free substitute, or sugar. Both are unhealthy, and will actually work against your weight loss efforts.

If you are trying to lose body fat, sugar is just as bad — if not worse — than fat is.

Protein Bars

And finally, beware of those expensive, glorified candy bars sold everywhere known as “protein bars.” These can be an excellent supplement to your diet IF you make them yourself. But, unfortunately, the commercial variety may taste great, but they are usually filled with huge amounts of sugar! Are you beginning to see a pattern here? CHECK THE LABELS!

Check the sugar content. You will probably be shocked! Most protein bars have 15 grams of sugar per bar. Some contain as much as 30 grams or more.

If you want real protein bars, learn to make your own. Use natural ingredients and avoid sugar and highly processed foods. You don’t need any of that when you’re trying to lose weight.


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